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Protecting the Valley

The Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc (PHG) has been working, for over a decade, to protect the Patapsco River Valley and its associated watershed. Our major concern has been the impact within the watershed that development has had on increasing storm water runoff and pollutants. Our activities have taken many forms. We have established good working relationships with Baltimore and Howard counties, the State of Maryland and various land preservation/environmental organizations. We are working to identify and encourage the acquisition of additional environmentally sensitive lands for the State Park system. We have removed several earlier era dumpsites from within the Patapsco Park - concentrating on sites that were in the headwaters of streams leading into the Patapsco River. We conduct stream recons to identify environmental trouble spots along our streams and are implementing a Stream Watch Program. We use the information we receive to prioritize and conduct monthly stream cleanups and periodic tree plantings. Finally, we have invested time and effort to alert our community to the harm that comes from the trash and oil that goes into our storm drain systems as well as the dangers from various invasive plants. We invite you to join us in these efforts. In the Event Calendar section you will find a calendar of our current activities.

See Baltimore Sun video article on October 16, 2015 titled "Patapsco Heritage Greenway Tree Planting"

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