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The Patapsco Heritage Greenway Inc. (PHG) is dedicated to preserving, protecting, interpreting and restoring the environment, history and culture of the Patapsco River Valley. We translate this mission into two primary goals:

Protecting the Valley

Telling the Story of the Valley

While we are neither a property-owning or governmental organization, we encourage the positive management of the Patapsco Valley and its visitors. We participate in a wide variety of state and county planning activities. We also are actively involved in developing educational materials about the environment and the history of the Valley.

Our motivation is to ensure that the Patapsco Valley remains pleasant for our generation and for future generations. See our Management Plan approved by the Maryland Heritage Area Authority, January 2015, for how we plan to proceed to protect and enhance the Patapsco Heritage Area.


Stream Watch Program


The Patapsco Heritage Greenway is searching for volunteers for the stream watch program for the Patapsco River Valley. Adult volunteers and families are needed that live, work or “play” close to streams that flow into the Patapsco River, especially in Baltimore and Howard Counties. Volunteers are needed as cleaners, walkers or watchers for a short stretch of a stream.

2015 CALENDAR OF EVENTS (click here)


PHG 2014 Environmental Report Card

2014 Statistics on Environmental Education and Restoration Programs include:

  • 1,593 volunteers
  • 4,388 volunteer hours
  • 28 cleanups
  • 76,054 pounds of trash/junk removed (over 38 tons)
  • 100 new 5-foot native trees planted
  • 1,444 pounds of invasive plants removed (.7 ton)
  • 104 waterway sites being monitored by volunteer stream watchers
  • 17 free environmental workshops sponsored by PHG
  • 412 participants who attended PHG environmental workshops

Tiber Hudson Subwatershed Restoration Action Plan for one of five major tributaries to the Lower Patapsco and including a major population center for Howard County, Ellicott City. The plan was developed by the Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. in conjunction with the Patapsco Heritage Greenway. It was funded (in part) through a grant from the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Patapsco Small Watershed Action Plan for the Baltimore County portion of the watershed has now been completed by Baltimore County in partnership with PHG. Click the link above for the Action Plan and Characterization reports.

Check out our coloring/activity book for kids of all ages. Special thanks to Betsy McMillion, Lisa Wingate, Connie Regan Alexander and Mays & Associates for their efforts in putting this together! For printed copies, please email info@patapscoheritagegreenway.org


We have been working hard for more than a decade to preserve the Patapsco Valley's culture, history, and environment. For a complete list of our accomplishments, click here.

For more information, please contact us by:

Phone at 410-480-0824

Becoming a PHG Fan at FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/groups/148030745257934/
e-mail at info@patapscoheritagegreenway.org or
website at www.patapscoheritagegreenway.org
mailing your comments to: PHG, P.O. Box 96
Ellicott City, MD 21041
TWITTER page: http://twitter.com/#!/patapscovalley

VOLUNTEER! Check out our Event Calendar and Stream Watch Program for volunteer opportunities. If you would like to join hundreds of other volunteers in cleaning up the Patapsco Valley area, please call 410-480-0824 or e-mail info@patapscoheritagegreenway.org.


Patapsco Heritage Greenway
Kit Valentine Memorial Internship

Kit Valentine was a life-long resident and champion of the Patapsco Valley. He was an exemplary man who cherished his family, his faith, and his friends above everything. Kit died in September 2014 at the age of 73.
Kit’s strong faith, dedication to Boy Scouting, and commitment to his community led him to participate in many activities focused on the Patapsco Valley. He was an active member in his church in Catonsville. As a young man he built a nature trail in the McKeldin section of the Patapsco Valley State Park for his Eagle Scout project. He was instrumental in the Rails-to-Trails improvements for the Catonsville/Oella/Ellicott City trolley lines and the Short Line to Catonsville. For many years, specifically the ten years he served as president of the Patapsco Heritage Greenway, he sought to protect the environmental, historical, and cultural resources of the Valley he so loved.
The Patapsco Heritage Greenway has established an internship to honor Kit’s memory. Starting in 2015, PHG will be looking for applicants who embody the personal qualities of Kit Valentine and who have the interest in environmental sustainability, historical preservation, and public service that he demonstrated. Once selected, they will be assigned projects to help preserve and enhance the Patapsco Valley.
If you would like to contribute to this internship, you can do so at this link.

To make an online donation in memory of Kit, please indicate that purpose in the “memo” field. Or you may send your contribution to:
The Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc., P.O. Box 96
Ellicott City, MD 21041

Kit’s family and the Patapsco Heritage Greenway would welcome your help to keep Kit’s memory alive and to continue the work in the Valley he loved.



See article called "Volunteers clean 1,693 pounds of trash from Ingleside" in the Baltimore Sun, Mon, Apr. 4, 2016.

See article called "Mini-grants boost Patapsco Valley State Park nonprofits" in the Baltimore Sun Fri, Dec. 18, 2015.

See article called "Learn the history of Patapsco Valley State Park and the area around it" in the Baltimore Sun, Nov. 4, 2015.

To see photos that document and show our events and our wonderful volunteers in action, please visit http://patapscofriend.smugmug.com

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Patapsco Heritage Greenway
P.O. Box 96
Ellicott City, MD 21041

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In Memory of former PHG President Kit Valentine:
A recent article about Kit's life and contributions he has made to the Patapsco Valley may be found here. Further details about the Kit Valentine Memorial Internship is here. To make an online donation in memory of Kit, please indicate that purpose in the “memo” field. Or you may send your contribution to the address above.


Anne Arundel/Baltimore/Howard County Emergency Contacts Numbers For Watershed Environmental Problems

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